According to the Russian migration law, a business visa to Russia could be issued to non-citizens of Russia, entering the Russian Federation for business purposes (conducting negotiations, holding seminars, conferences or meetings with business partners).

This type of visa requires and invitation from the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS of Russia), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MFA of Russia) or a written invitation from Russian corporation. Not all Russian companies are allowed to send this kind of invitations. Our Russian Business Visa Solutions Service works only with authorized Russian companies, that`s why we provide 100% money back guarantee.

The business invitation letter must be issued in Russian language.

An example of the Russian business invitation letter.
An example of the Russian business invitation letter.

A business visa to Russia is not a working visa. With this kind of visa you will be not hired by one of the companies in Russia, you`ll also will not have any obligations to work in the country or to participate in the negotiations of business meetings. And the definition of “business aims” is so wide and not strict that pretty much everybody can apply for this type of visa, and this kind of “flexibility” makes Russian business visa so attractive for visitors.

The biggest benefit of obtaining a Russian business visa is a length of stay.

Applying for a regular tourist visa, you`ll have to pay for the tourist invitation and the length of your stay will be limited by 30 days. A regular tourist visa also gives you a right to entry the country just once. It means that if you would like to extend your stay or to come back to Russia in the future, you`ll have to fly home and to start the application process again: pay visa company fees, pay for the invitation, pay the official government fees for issuing the visa…

Russian visa (blank).
Russian visa (blank).

Obtaining a business invitation letter and a Russian business visa not only gives you more time, but safes your money.  Most of the business visas to Russia have been issued for 1 year or longer and have multiple entries to Russian Federation. For the citizens of most of the countries it means a right to stay in Russia for 90 days of every 18 days.  The citizens of the US can stay even longer – for 6 months straight per a year.  And it`s not all. A regular business visa to Russia for US citizens issues  for 3 years and for citizens of Canada, Japan and European Union from 2 to 5 years. That`s way we recommend to apply for a business visa compare to a tourist visa to Russia.

Russian business visa.
Russian business visa.

When applying for a one-time, twice or multiple business visa most of the visa-centers and Russian Consulates around the world will ask you  to provide the following documents:

  1. A business invitation letter.
  2. A valid passport, having at least two free pages, and 6 months after visa expiry.
  3. A visa application. On this page you can find your homeland country and fulfill an electronic application form.
  4. A passport photo in the format 3.5 x 4.5 cm was added, face frontally, on a light background.
  5. A medical insurance certificate, issued by the company, valid in Russian Federation and covers the entire duration of the intended stay.
  6. A bank statement.

Also in any particular circumstances the additional documents could be asked by a visa center or a Russian Consulate. Follow the link to learn more about obtaining Russian business visa.

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