Located in the USA and having  a representation  in Russia, our company, offers fast and official business invitations for getting the easiest way to Russia.

Why should you work with us?

Our team travels to Russia, works with Russians and lives in Russia for a few months per a year. It lets us to deliver the best service and give our clients  practical advice  and real answers to their questions.

Because of many years of a business relationship with Russia we have strong connections with many Russian companies which are ready to send a business invitation letter to help our clients to get a visa to Russia.  All the Russian corporations we are working with are officially registered in a unified system of legal entities a have good reputation.

Please keep in mind, that business invitations we offer to help clients to apply for visa to Russia could be used only by citizens of European Union, Unites States, Japan and China.

One of the steps of verification the Russian Consulate may do is to pick up a phone and to call to the company which sent you and invitation letters. And if the call will be not answer or the secretory dosen`t know anything about this invitation letter, your visa application could be denied easy.  This never happens to  the Russian firms we work with.

If you get a Russian business invitation thru our agency: “Russian Business Visa Solutions”, we guarantee that the phone will be answered and somebody always will be able to prove that the invitation was sent personally to you because this company needs you to come to Russia. All of it together makes our business invitations to Russia so reliable that if you don`t have other issues with your documents you might get a visa to Russia no problem.

Another reason why you might consider to work with us is our prices range. We guarantee one of the lowest price for the business invitation letters to obtain a Russian visa^

3 months multi entry business invitation letter – $45.

6 months multi entry business invitation letter – $70.

12 month multi entry business invitation – $90.

24 months (2 years) – $120.

36 months (3 years) multi entry business invitation – $170.

60 months (5 years). – $210.

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