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A friend of mind recommended this service to me when I was looking for a way for my husband to get a visa to Russia. We`ve been  married for two years but he has never visited my Homeland yet.  I heard that there is a chance that a tourist application form could be denied and it would be really bad for us because we were going to spend a month with my parents in Saint Petersburg. So we didn`t simply wanted a visa to Russia for my husband , we needed it. And this is why we started to think about an obtaining a business visa. I read on the Internet that if all the papers are correct, the business visa should be issued no problem.

When I contacted to Russian Business Visa Solution Service, I didn`t know could I trust it or not. So I asked to send to me the information about a company I would get an invitation from . They did. And I checked that company on the legal registration service in Russia, the research showed that the company I was promised to get a business invitation for my husband from really exits and does not have a bad history (litigation or something like that). I`ve made an order and the business invitation for Martin (my husband) arrived the next day after the order was placed. We applied for a visa for him thru the Russian Consulate in Ottawa. Martin`s visa to Russia was issued in about 10 days. We are very happy about it and I can recommend this service to everyone!

I place my order on Sunday evening and got my business invitation the very next day. My travel agent used it no problem and my 3 years visa to Russia was proved! And this is by the way my first visa to Russia, now I am good for three more years.

Last week I came back from my first trip to Russia: no questions from the customer control service, no muss no fuss.

I am satisfied and recommend the “Russia Business Visa Solution Service”. This service did a great job for me!

My friend, who already had his visa to Russia, invited me to go with him when I`ll take my next vacation. Before I was listening to his stories, looked at the photos he took and was dreaming to visit this country by myself. Russia was always in my wish travel list. He speaks a little Russian just enough to go by, and when he invited me to come with him, I knew that it`s my chance.

The same friend recommended me to use this service to get my business invitation letter. He says that he used this service personally twice and both times it worked perfect for him. I followed his advice and ordered a business invitation letter. I received it almost immediately after I paid.

By the way they asked me about my regular job and I replied that I work in the finance industry, so when the invitation arrived I translated it to English for myself (the business invitation arrived written in Russian and it`s how I represented it to the Russian Consulate where it was accepted no problems) and saw that I was invited as a financial consultant by one of the Russian`s companies. It sounded very reliable to me because if I would be asked about finances I could answer some specific questions.

From the very beginning I wanted to apply for a visa by myself, but when I called to the Consulate in Huston I was told that I need to show up personally or I should use an agent to obtain the visa. I live almost 8 hours away from Huston and decided that using an agent is easier for me. So I did and got my 3 years visa to Russia in a little mote than 2 weeks.

The business invitation worked great and when my travel agent had some specific questions about something in the invitation letter, I transferred all the questions straight to Russian Business Visa Solution customer support service and they answered all the questions right away.

I am very satisfied with this service and would highly recommend it to anybody who needs a visa to Russia.

With “Russia business  visa solution” ,  I discovered an easy-to-use and very effective way to get my visa to Russia.  Last months when the relationship between Russia and the US was getting worse and I heard so many stories that many visa applications were rejects, it was  a pleasant surprise to me to get my business visa fast and with no problem. And I believe I was able to get it because I ordered and received a reliable and effective business invitation with this company. To me this is worth every penny!


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